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Goliath Auto Glass is The #1 Local Auto Glass Company Trusted by Georgia Residents for Auto Glass 

Windshield Replacement

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  • 30 min

    Price varies

GET 40% OFF When you book!


  • Will my windshield replacement be the same quality as manufacture?

Yes, We use the highest quality of auto glass that is very transparent and super dense. This will contain 3 layers total. Anything less lacks safety and quality of craftsmanship.

  • How Long does the service take to complete?

The service is 45min To 1hr.

  • How Long do i have to wait before i can drive?

The Safe Driveaway Time is 30mins.

  • Can i be ticketed for having a cracked windshield?

It is Possible to be ticketed at officers discretion for body damage and anything that obstructs the drivers view such as a broken windshield. Although Georgia code does not definitively say.

These are called "fix it" tickets. (Source: Georgia Code §sect; 40-8-7 to 40-8-90)

  • When will i be able to wash my Vehicle?

We Recommend waiting 24hrs before using high pressure water around windshield.

  • Is There a Warranty?

Yes, we offer lifetime warranty to all clients! This protects you from any workmanship errors on any auto glass part including scratches, & air noise.

Water Leaks have a 1 year warranty.


Ann Strader

Marquis was very professional, responsive, punctual, and just a delight to meet. The quality of his service was exceptional and extremely well-priced windshield replacement. I will definitely refer friends/family to him and use his company for future services.


This Service is truly the most bang for your buck. Finally got our car window replacement. I would recommend to anyone and absolutely use again. The mobile service is such a plus too!

Marisa Durden

I could not ask for a better experience from what i had with Marquis from Goliath Auto Glass. when Marquis left one would never know he had been there except for the brand new windshield on our buick regal! it was great! thank you, Marquis!!

From Marisa Durden


Thanks! Message sent.

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